Guest post from Buffy

Guest post from Buffy

Woof!!! Hi, I’m Buffy. Mommy wanted me to write this blog post. She actually forced me to. She’s a little crazy sometimes. I’d rather be sleeping on the couch right now. She promised me a new doggy bed, I’m still waiting. So I’m using their couch for nap time. It's only fair, right?

No, I don’t sleep all day. I also chase things. You know, birds and bees. I also warn everyone in the house when there are visitors. I like pulling the visitors clothes. Mommy says I must stop, but they are not suppose to come in the house. I don’t bite them, I just bark and pull their clothes sometimes. I like pulling the ones with long coats on. It’s really fun.

What’s more fun is playtime. Oh my gosh!! I get to pull my tug toy and run after it when Renza throws it. It’s really funny when she tries to get it from me. She’s really unfit. I can call her Renza, because I’m older then her. Dog years you know. Who came up with that silly thing? I’m not a baby, but she likes treating me like one. She calls me baba and sweetiepie. I kind of like it, shhh, don’t tell her that. I like protecting Renza. It’s my job. No one comes near my Renza. Woof!

I hate when she tries to groom me. Like seriously, someone please tell her to stop. The other day she cut off almost all my hair. I was so upset. Then she sprayed me with smelly stuff. Why, I have no idea. I hid in my kennel afterwards. She has no idea how to cut my hair. It looks really bad you guys.

For years I tried to play with her, she was always in a bad mood. I wanted to cheer her up. She’s better now and we hang out and play all the time. She laughs and smiles more. I’m glad I make her happy. That’s what I’m here for right?

It's nap time now. So I have to say bye for now. Later I’ll get a big bowl of yum yums. Yum yums is what Renza calls my food. I don’t know guys, she’s really crazy.  Wooof!!

Author: Buffy
Job: Guard dog, part-time blogger
Likes: Playing and hanging out with Renza and Fluffy, eating and sleeping
Dislikes: Grooming and food thieves

Pic credit:  Mommy Renza

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Procrastination – What are you waiting for?

Procrastination – What are you waiting for?

First of all, let me just start off by saying that I’m a master procrastinator. That’s probably why they use the word Pro, because Procrastinators are good at what they do. So I decided to delve into the subject and look at the causes and overcoming procrastination.

Take for example this blog. Two years ago I decided to create a blog. I wanted to share my knowledge, ideas and also motivate and inspire people.

I started my blog two weeks ago.

Yip! I waited two whole years. I actually forgot about it all together.  Two years ago I also wanted to start my own business. That has not happened yet. I created a business plan and…well that’s as far as I got. At least I started my blog, so I’m making progress.

So why do we procrastinate?

I know most of us are guilty of procrastinating. Putting things off until the last minute. We would rather surf the net, play some game or do whatever fun thing to avoid doing the things that needs to be done.

If there’s zero motivation to do a task, then why do it, right? Or when the task is so overwhelming and you have no idea where to start, then you shove it aside and do something that’s less stressful.

The hardest thing is to start doing that task you’re avoiding. I started this blog two weeks and now I’m absolutely obsessed with blogging. Why did I wait so long? Maybe I was not ready. I had a lot of healing to do and I was not in a place where I could give advice. I was still growing as a person.

Today, I can’t wait to write my hundred or so blog posts. I made a long list and if I think of an interesting topic I add it to the list.  I have not been this excited about something that takes effort and work in a very long time. Hopefully one day the business that I have not started yet will integrate with my blog and then I don’t have to feel guilty about putting that dream aside.

To beat the procrastination monster, we need motivation. Motivation can come in two forms. Reward or accountability. For example, if your boss told you today whoever finishes this task first gets a bonus or a day off. Guess what you will do. You’ll make sure you get that task done Asap. If your boss tells you, have this task done by tomorrow or your fired. I’m sure nothing is going to distract you from finishing that task.

So without motivation, there is procrastination. What about all those other things you’re putting off doing? What are you waiting for? Here’s what I think will help and I will be applying it to my life as well whenever I find myself procrastinating.

  • If starting is the hardest part, then break up the task into small mini tasks that does not seem too overwhelming and stressful.
  • Set alarms for the mini task on you phone. I downloaded an app on my Samsung tablet that schedules tasks. So check the Google Playstore or iPhone App Store and get yourself a scheduling app.
  • Ask your friends and family to help cheer you on. Let them remind you why you are doing this. Let them be your motivators. As humans we can’t do everything by ourselves. When you start doubting yourself you will need someone to tell you to keep going. Also do yourself and me a huge favour and tell that negative voice inside your head to go to Hell and that you have work to do. 
  • Reward yourself for completing a mini task. Let your family and friends manage the reward system.
  • I read an article just now about a professor that claims she might have the cure for procrastination. You can read it here - Wharton professor may finally have the cure for Procrastination. She basically says you have to pair something you love doing with something you hate doing. I'm not really sure how one can go about doing that. Maybe watching an episode of your favourite TV show while exercising. We all love TV and we hate exercising. Guess you need to see how creative you can be with your pairings. Lets see if this can help us beat the procrastination monster.
So what are you waiting for? Go and do that thing you’re avoiding. This life is incredibly short, but we assume we have all the time in the world. We waste so much time. Time we can never get back.

Once you start, the hardest part is over. Just like me when I started this blog. Now it’s impossible to stop. I’m glad I stopped waiting.

Until next time

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Pic credit: Renza's pics. Pixabay pics Renza edited.

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The Importance Of Dog ID Tags

The Importance Of Dog ID Tags

I only made a name tag for Buffy a few months ago. I know, I know that's really bad. I'm sure he has forgiven me by now. That's why I'm writing this blog post so that you guys are aware of the importance of dog id tags for your dogs.
Buffy was a really naughty pup. He's also a very fast runner and as soon as the gate opened he would run outside. I call him my little flash dog. I swear he's just as fast as the Flash. 

We had to chase after Flash-dog almost every day. Not much fun yes. As he got older he did not feel the need to run around the neighbourhood as much. He just ran out now and again when he was in one of his crazy moods.

I remember him teasing the other dogs a lot and chasing the smaller dogs. In a playful way of course. Yes he was a very, very naughty puppy.

After his attack, it’s almost like there’s this invisible barrier around our house and he does not step over the line. That’s a good thing, because I don't have to worry about him going outside. 

Some dogs unfortunately don’t come back when they run outside and get lost. If your dog ran outside and someone sees your dog without a name tag, then what? 

Hopefully a neighbour will see your dog and bring them back home to you, but some younger dogs might run too far away and not know how to navigate their way home. 

A stranger will probably take the dog to the nearest animal shelter. I doubt anyone will just take a strange dog off the streets and keep him. My dog is like a full-time job. Only I can handle his moods. I definitely won’t keep a strange dog if I found one on the streets. They need to go to the animal shelter.

This is why a dog needs to have some form of identification. Some people chip their dogs. Meaning a small microchip is implanted under the dog’s skin. The vet normally implants it under the loose skin between the dog’s shoulder blades. 

It’s not like a GPS tracker that can track your dog’s location. It just holds a permanent ID for your dog that matches with an ID in a pet recovery database. Dogs that are lost and taken to an animal shelter will be scanned to see who the owner is.

If you don’t like the microchip invasive procedure, just get a dog name tag and hang it on their collar. You can get them at a pet store, online pet store or you can even make your own. 

I made Buffy one from an old necklace with a round wood pendant. You need to add your dog’s name, your name and phone number. Add anything else you think is important. Here's a link to an easy pet ID diy

You can also get a GPS tracker for your dog. They fit on the collar and you can track your dog's location on your smartphone with the tracker's app. It's a bit on the expensive side, but if you have a runner that can't navigate his way home then you might consider investing in a GPS tracker for your pooch.  

Speaking about collars, some people don't like leaving collars on their dog. They fear the dog might be too uncomfortable or their collar might snag on something. There are a lot of comfortable collars out there. The Petsafe Keepsafe Break Away Collar for dogs are designed for just that purpose. So check it out!

Hopefully most of you already have some form of identification for your dogs. If you don’t, get them a dog id tag as soon as possible.  You will rest easier knowing your dog can be identified if they get lost. 

Until next time, 

Pic credit: Pixabay pic Renza edited.

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Being an Introvert and Accepting Myself

Being an Introvert and accepting myself

When I was growing up, people always asked me these weird questions. “Why are you so quiet?” or “Why are you so different?” and sometimes I overheard them asking “Why is she so weird?”. So most of my life I thought there was something wrong with me.

Two years ago I started this self-discovery journey. I wanted to heal myself. I wanted to feel like I belonged. To fix what was wrong with me, because my whole life I was led to believe that I was broken.   

Sure I had friends that cared for me and family members that would do anything for me, but I always felt like I didn’t belong. 

People never described me as introverted. I was the shy quiet one. I never knew that shyness and being an introvert is not the same thing. The two can go hand in hand, but some introverts are not shy. It has more to do with your energy. 

Introverts are drained of their energy when there are a lot of people around them and charged when they are by themselves. Extroverts are opposite of that, where their energy gets charged by a crowd and drained when their alone. Weird, but true.

So I was a shy introvert. It took me almost my whole life to realise that I’m not broken. Sure the introvert does not like to party and prefers quiet alone time. There nothing wrong with that. 

I was called dull and boring, because I did not want to attend all the parties. I’m definitely not dull and boring. That is not how I would ever describe myself.

 I’m silly and I laugh a lot. I make stupid jokes all the time. I can have long conversations about anything under the sun as long as there’s not alot of people around where all eyes are on me.

I think before I speak, that way I don’t have to embarrass myself. I love observing people, that way I understand them better. 

 I’m creative and full of ideas and I learn something new everyday, just because I love absorbing information. It’s easy for me, because I’m an introvert.  So no, boring and dull is not how I would describe myself.

Some people like making assumptions about introverts. I always hated how they made up their mind about me before getting to know me.  Today I love being the weirdo introvert. I’m not broken. 

If you’re an introvert, don’t ever let anyone make you feel like you need to be fixed. People will try making you an extrovert, but its never going to work. Your brain is not wired that way. 

Embrace your introverted nature. I hope those extroverts out there can be a bit patient with us introverts. We are actually really awesome once we open up and you get to know us. 

Until next time, 

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Pic credit: Pixabay pics Renza edited.

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How To Know If Your Dog Loves You

How To Know If Your Dog Loves You

Our furry best friends can’t talk to us, although we wish they could. I sure do. I wish my dog could let me know when something is wrong or just tell me what he’s thinking. 

Unfortunately for us humans, dogs and humans can’t talk to each other and have conversations about how their day was. I have one-sided conversations with my dog and he just looks at me like I’m insane.

I’m crazy about my dog. He’s the light of my life and I know he feels the same way about me too. So here is how I know my dog loves me.

He always stares at me 

I joke with him sometimes and tell him he’s my little stalker. Whenever I’m busy doing something he’s always looking at me. Besides that he also stares into my eyes. 

I read somewhere that when a dog is staring into your eyes, it’s the same like giving you a hug. It also releases Oxytocin in both you and your dog.

Oxytocin is a bonding hormone. So when you and your dog are having staring contests, you are actually strengthening your bond.

He always tries to lick me

The other day he was sitting next to me on the couch and he started licking my face and ears. I just started laughing uncontrollably, because he took me by surprise. 

I told him not to lick my face and ears. He was not too happy about that. So I let him lick my hands if he wants to lick something. He still tries to lick my ears when he gets a chance. 

He goes insane when I come home

The minute I get home there’s jumping, tail wagging and barking. Today I just left the house for a few minutes and he acted like I was gone forever. 

He goes completely insane and I think he wants to see if I’ll fall over, because he jumps on me with full force. That way he can get a hold of my ears.

He lies down at my feet

When we are just hanging out, he normally comes and lies down close to me. He then proceeds to move closer and closer until I feel a soft fur ball at my feet.

He has his own special way of greeting me

My granny told me to teach Buffy the ‘give paw’ trick. According to her, that will show him how to greet people. I told her that he has his own way of greeting me. 

He normally jumps up, leans against me and waits until I rub his head. At the beginning I thought nothing of it, but then I noticed he only does this in the morning and only once a day. 

My human best friend laughed at my theory, but I know I’m right. That is how my dog greets me. I taught him the give paw trick and now he can greet other people that way. 

Your dog is never too old to learn tricks. I only started teaching him tricks two months ago and for an 8 year old he catches on quick.

He always tries to please me

Sometimes we play tug with his tug toy and he can play a bit rough when he’s excited. He refuses to let go of the toy and guards it. Not all the time, but sometimes. 

On this one particular day we were playing a rough game of tug and fetch. I went inside the house for a moment and I forgot to tell him I’ll be right back. I always tell him if I go somewhere that I’ll be right back so that he knows play time is not over yet. 

When I came out he was waiting for me with toy in mouth and when I tried to take the toy he just gave it to me without trying to pull on it or guard it. So I threw the tug toy, he ran like crazy to go fetch it and dropped it at my feet. 

This continued until play time was over. He dropped the toy at my feet the rest of the play session. So he must have thought I went inside the house because I was upset that he did not give me the toy and he adjusted his own rules to make me happy by giving me the toy. I know, I know…I have an awesome dog.

There’s a lot of other ways your dog can show you love, but this is just my list. Watch out for similar behaviours. There will be times when your dog is in a mood. Don’t take it personally. 

Sometimes they also want their alone time.  Just make sure you show them you’re there. Check up on them to make sure they are okay. Give a treat to make sure they are eating. They will eventually come hang out with their human. 

Buffy hides from me whenever it’s grooming time then afterwards I get the silent treatment. No licking, he takes his tug toy to his kennel if I throw it and he avoids eye contact. 

We are still working on his grooming issues. Luckily he can’t stay mad at me for long. 

I’ll leave you guys until next time, 

Pic credit: Pixabay pics Renza edited.

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How To Show Your Dog You Love Them

How To Show Your Dog You Love Them

Those who read my previous post about dog people, know I was never really a dog person until my Buffy changed the way I see dogs. I was clueless after that. Suddenly I had this fluffy new best friend and I had no idea what to do. He did not understand me and I did not understand him. 

Dogs can understand some human language, but it’s more about us showing them by our actions and repeating those actions and words over and over until it clicks. 

So it’s pointless shouting at them. A dog’s hearing is far more superior than our hearing. You actually need to show them what you want them to do and reward them with lots of praise, treats and their favourite toy

There are many ways to show your dog love. So I decided to list a few things that helped build trust with me and my Buffy, how I showed him I love him and how I learnt to understand my dog better. 

I am not a dog trainer or dog behaviourist. This is what I used for my own dog that I found helped a lot.  

Give your dog affection

Yes, I know some people don’t like touching dogs. But petting your dog for a few seconds is not going to kill you. I didn’t like it either. My human best friend suggested I try it. Best place to touch is under the chin, at the back of head, ears and some like the belly. You know your dog best, so you can see what they prefer.  

Play with you dog

Take some time out of your busy day and play with them. Dogs go crazy for a game of fetch. You need to train your dog the "let go" trick or else you will be like me that had to find ways to get the ball from Buffy, because he was a heavy resource guarder.

Train your furry bestie

There are hundreds of YouTube videos on how to train a dog. Kikopup on YouTube is just one example.  There are others but I like how detailed her videos are. 

Make sure your dog knows the basic obedience commands. Sit, down, stay, come and heel. After that you can start some fun tricks, like give paw, roll over and whatever else you feel like teaching. 

Dogs are really smart. If it looks like he is not listening to you, it could just be you need to take a step back and build up slowly to where he did understand. Remember they learn by repetition and you need to be clear on what you want. 

Keep training sessions short. Ten minutes at a time, maybe 2 times a day or else your dog and you will get frustrated. Make it fun and give lots of praise and treats. Buffy prefers small pieces of chicken, cheese and cold meats.

Hand feed your dog

Not his main meals. For main meals I let my dog sit or do the down command before he gets his bowl of food. Hand feeding goes hand in hand with when you’re training or if you just want to build trust.

If you’re scared, try putting the treat in front of the dog. Repeat several times. He will soon see you are the source of nice treats and will start licking your hand, at that point try letting him eat out of you hand.

With my dog, if we are just hanging out I would give him a treat every time he makes eye contact with me when I say his name or he just needs to lie there calmly and wait a few moments for his treat. It teaches him to be patient, also that his name is associated with good things and it strengthens our bond.

Learn your dog’s body language

Dogs have their own language. You can tell by how they move or behave what they are actually saying. When my dog has his tail between legs, head down and licking lips he is really nervous and scared. 

That’s happens mostly when it's time for his bath or flea treatment. I’ve learnt to let my dog come to me instead of me invading his space. Dogs like their alone time too. 

They will just get frustrated with you if you’re always there wanting to hang out. When my dog is in a mood I would just go sit where he can see me with food and eat in front of him. 

One, two, three and he’s there wanting me to share my food with him. Well I was going to share anyways, I always make extra for him.

So these are the things I tried to build trust and love with my dog. You will need a lot of patience. Dogs move at their own pace. Match their pace and that will bring you so much closer to your furry bestie.

Pic credit: Pixabay pics Renza edited.

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Dog People vs. Get that Dog Away From Me People

Dog People vs. Get that Dog Away From Me People

If anyone asked me a year ago if I loved dogs I would have said, “No ways! They are smelly, hairy, annoying fleabags”. I also never got why some people that love dogs act like the dog is their baby.

The dog even goes wherever they go. It was mind boggling to me and I could not understand why. So I was in the 'get that dog away from me' category.

We always had dogs in our house, but I always just saw the dog as just a dog. Fast forward a year later and now I’m a very proud dog mommy. Yep, that actually happened to me.

I always thought either you were born liking dogs or not, but apparently you can switch sides. My little guy Buffy is the reason why I switched.

Buffy has been part of our family for about 8 years now. Over-friendly Buffy, that just wanted to make friends with everyone. I found that extremely annoying because this dog just wanted to jump on me and try to play with me whenever he saw me.   

About a year ago he decided he wanted to make friends with our neighbour’s three pitbulls. Yes I know! Terrifying thought. 

They were not so friendly and decided he would be their lunch for the day. According to them he was trespassing on their territory. That day my heart broke into a million pieces. 

After being rushed to the animal hospital and operated on, he returned home to us after three weeks. The longest three weeks of my life. I remember thinking this little guy is a survivor and I swore from that day on I’ll never let anyone hurt him again.

He made a full recovery, but mentally he was not ok. Gone was the happy over-friendly dog I knew. All he did was hide, not eat and he was scared of everything all the time. I felt so sorry for him. He didn’t deserve what happened to him. 

As time went by he started improving and gained back the weight he lost. His new favourite meal became chicken and rice. He had a hard time eating his normal dog food. As the days went by we grew closer and closer and now I can’t imagine my life without him. 

I feel sad and guilty that I missed out on so much time with him. I never realised a dog can bring you so much joy.  I found a new best friend that loves me unconditionally and I him. 

Do you how rare it is to find someone that just loves you for being you? He has his own weird personality that matches mine. Yes it’s true what they say about dog and owner becoming like each other. 

I also started noticing that other dogs in our family were friendlier towards me. They probably sensed I’m different somehow. I’m still cautious of the bigger, stronger dog types like pit-bulls. 

I have sort of forgiven the three headed monster. Even though they hurt my Buffy, they were the reason me and him are so close today. 

Isn’t that odd how tragedy opens up ones eyes? That applies to a lot of things in our lives. Only when something bad happens we realise how much we actually care about that thing or person or pet. 

Sometimes it’s too late. Guess I was lucky to get a second chance with my dog. I try to show him everyday how special he is. 

For those who don’t really like dogs, I hope one day you will experience what it's like to have that special bond with a furry best friend. 

I will be sharing some of the things I’ve learnt after becoming a dog person in some future blog posts. Those who want to form a bond with their dogs might learn a thing or two.  

Until next time,

Pic credit: Buffy in pic that Renza edited.

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Welcome To My Blog!

Welcome To My Blog
So I finally decided to write my very first blog. Yay me! After gathering all my courage, I’ve finally joined the blogging community. While researching blogs I realised there was a lot involved when it comes to blogging. I thought you just have to register, then write about whatever and Viola! No! That’s Facebook. 

Blogging involves so much more. You need to write lengthy posts of something interesting that people will read and actually like. Most people start blogs to monetize them to earn some extra cash and a small percentage actually blog full-time. I always thought it was odd when someone said they blog for a living. “What?!” I thought.  Yes I never knew that can be a job title. 

Some suggested that a blogger or new blogger like myself,  needs a niche. A niche will attract a specific type of reader that might follow you if your topics covers things they are interested in. I’m interested in so many things, so it’s hard to decide on a specific thing.  All I know is that I want to inspire people. 

For the past two years I have been on a self discovering journey. I wanted a place where I could share my journey with others. I had to change my whole life in order to be happier.

I also want to write about my dog Buffy. He's a survivor and the most amazing dog in the whole world. For the past year we have been through a lot together and I wanted to share our stories.

My journey of self discovery is far from over.  We need to work on ourselves constantly in order to be better. Otherwise what’s the point.  Just like a blog I guess.  So I’ll be back soon with a new blog post. I’m excited and can’t wait to start writing.

 I'll leave you until next time,

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