Out With The Old, In With The New

Out With The Old, In With The New

So 2016 is almost over. I noticed around the web that people really hated this year and it will go down in history as the worst year ever. Bye bye 2016. Please go back to whatever evil place you came from.

Everything in this life has a balance. Yin Yang. There can't just be bad all the time, there has to be good too.

Looking back...

This was the year I finally started my blog after two years.

I got more comfortable driving my car that I waited 9 years to get, because I was too scared to get my license.

I finally stepped on an aeroplane for the very first time. My ears still hurt sometimes, but I know now what it's like to fly above the clouds.

I now have another dog after waiting more than a year. It had to be another Buffy type dog. So I waited and waited. I was surprised when I finally got her, because I thought I had to wait until next year.

This year Buffy and I started to communicate better, because I learnt all about dogs and how to train them.

I'm a naturally nervous person and scared of a lot of things. I suffered from anxiety most of my life. So most things I listed were big milestones for me.

Remembering happy moments and frustrations

Yes it has been frustrating at times to raise a new dog, but there were happy moments in between. Like the first time my puppy ate normal dog food after not wanting to eat or drink anything.

The first time I realised my two dogs actually like each other after it seemed that Fluffy was just annoying Buffy. First time she fell asleep on my lap and also realising that I have a very smart new dog.

I also discovered I have some anger issues that I need to deal with asap lol. I didn't know I could scream so loud. The two of them drive me insane sometimes.

It's also frustrating that there's different opinions about how to raise a dog in my house. Other than that I love that my dogs always want to be around me.

They come when I call. They listen for the most part. My bestie pointed out that I'm a pack leader now. I like the sound of that.

Never forget the happy moments

I never want to forget the happy moments. Those are the ones we look back on that make us laugh and smile.

What happy moments do you remember from this year? Your achievements. The things that made you laugh and smile. However big or small they are don't let the bad overshadow the good.

New years resolutions

Most people already made their new years resolutions by now. We all know by middle January when life gets in the way those resolutions will be a distant memory.

I decided not to make any resolutions. Whats the point? I've always been a whatever happens, happens type of person. If you ever stuck to a new year's resolution, good for you.

Changing habits is a process. It takes time. Like a set of steps that you have to climb. A new year shouldn't be a reason to rush to the top.

Start with something small and achievable. Maybe, just maybe it will snowball and before you know it you've reached your goal.

Out with the old, in with the new quote

Try new things

The main thing is to just start. Or try. People change, goals change. Last year this time I never would have imagined writing a blog or interacting on social media. That was not me.

I hate attention and I never wanted everyone to know what's going on in my head. But there was something inside me that wanted to share my stories. A part of me that thought someone might benefit from them.

I'm not even sure if anyone has. I was brave enough to try. All we can do is try. It's better than doing nothing. So I tried something and I loved it.

There's a lot of things to try doing in this life. Maybe make a list of things you want to try. Even if it's only once. If you don't like it, move on to the next thing.

That's the only way you will find out what you like. There's no committing, no promises, no high expectations. There's many different ways to do something, find out what works best for you.

Final words

So before I go waayyyy off topic. I hope you can look back at 2016 and find the moments that made you happy. I wish 2017 will be full of new opportunities for you to explore and may there be an abundance of happy moments.

Nothing will ever stay the same. Life changes constantly. All we can do is hold on to the good memories and try to let the bad ones go.

Thank you all my blog followers for supporting me. I appreciate it more than you know. Some of you have become friends because we are like minded.

I'm happy that 2016 gave me the chance to meet all of you. Happy new year everyone!!! See you all in 2017 :-)

Until next time

Living With My New House Mate, Fluffy

Living With My New House Mate, Fluffy

It’s an intruder! Nope! It’s my new house mate Fluffy. Grrr!!

Woof! Hello humans! I bet you all want to know how things are going with me and Fluffy the new puppy. Why is she even here? Does mommy really need another doggie? She is super annoying you guys. Grrr!!

She keeps chasing me around and I caught her in my kennel multiple times. She tries to eat my food that she can’t even chew properly and then to top it off she thinks my doggy bed is hers. She keeps laying on it. Who does that? I swear it’s like she’s a copy cat. That would explain why she’s so flexible.

I think she’s trying to take over. It’s my territory and my mommy Renza. Oh and I see how she bites mommy. She bites everyone!

Mommy lets us hang out so that we can bond. We are separated for now. I do the sniffing thing, but she only smells like trouble. I wonder how I can sell a puppy. Will mommy even notice she’s gone? I licked her head the other day for the first time and she tasted like trouble too.

I wrote a little ad for selling a puppy. Let me know if it sounds right.

Naughty Puppy For Sale!

Fluffy my new puppy

Woof! I’m looking for someone that wants to buy a puppy. She’s a poodle mixed with maltese or some other breed. I’m not sure. She’s 7 weeks old and sleeps a lot. She won’t bother you that much I promise. Only when she's awake. Be careful not to leave your feet exposed, because she eats feet. She’s cute so that might make up for her evil nature.

Call 0800 HELP ME

I’ll give her to the first caller.

How does that sound you guys?

Fluffy and Buffy playing
Fluffy attacking me!
There’s a chance mommy might notice she’s gone. I think she brainwashed her already. I don’t want to make Renza sad, so I’ll give the evil puppy another chance. I'll be on the lookout for any bad behaviour and report back to you guys. After one month if she has not changed her evil ways, then I'm posting the ad. Woooof! Woof!

Fluffy and Buffy sleeping
Nap Time

So Fluffy and I are besties now you guys. Don't ask me how that happened. I think she brainwashed me too. I stopped running away from her and then realised she just wants to play. Now I have two besties! Renza and Fluffy. Mommy Renza is happy she can leave us alone to play without worrying that Fluffy will attack me. We play for hours and hours and I share everything with her except my food. Food is off limits! Grrr!!!

Author: Buffy
Job: Guard dog, part-time blogger
Likes: Playing and hanging out with Renza and Fluffy, eating and sleeping
Dislikes: Grooming and food thieves

Pic credit:  Mommy Renza and her cheap phone camera.

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Guest Post From Fluffy The Puppy

Guest Post From Fluffy the puppy

Ruff-Ruff! Hello humans! I'm Fluffy. My new human, what’s her name again?...it sounds funny…Oh yes! Renza asked me to introduce myself. Apparently she and the big dog have a blog together. Is that normal? I’m new so I don’t know.

Its been a few weeks since they stole me from my mommy and siblings. Who does that? I guess they are treating me ok-ish. 

This Renza human bought me a nice soft doggie, blanket, toys to bite or play with and some other stuff. I have a rope toy that looks similar to the big dog’s rope, only smaller but I prefer to play with his rope.

Who is this big dog anyway? Renza human calls him Buffy or Doebeloo. What is a doebeloo? What’s up with all that hair? I like chasing him around just to see how his hair moves. It’s really funny. 

Renza human and Buffy-dog are really close. I’ve already started my infiltration plan. Both of them are on to me though. Luckily I'm cute and small so I can get away with anything. I bite Renza's feet and hands. She's very annoying. Keeps picking me up. Why? I don't know. 

Fluffy sleeping
Me relaxing on Buffy's bed
The big dog has his own little house. I go visit it sometimes when he’s not there. He’s so big. Will I look like that one day? I think he’s just made out of hair.

I eat his food, play with his toys and sleep on his bed. They think I'm just copying the big hairball because I want to be like him. I'm not copying anyone. I'm taking over!

I told this Renza human that I refuse to write for this blog.  The big dog does whatever his Renza tells him to do. Not me! I have better things to do. 

It's sleeping time now. I’m still growing so sleep is important. I might do a little chasing and biting later. Grrr!!

Goodbye forever! 

Fluffy on dog bed
Me sleeping

Author: Fluffy
Job: Doing puppy stuff
Future plans: World domination
Likes: biting feet and hands
Dislikes: baths and being picked up

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We're Different And We're The Same

We're Different And We're The Same

While thinking about relationships and the connections we form in our lives, I thought about the differences and similarities between people.

For someone like me that always thought of myself as separate from everyone else, it was important that I started noticing the similarities between me and others instead of always focusing on the things that made me different.

The one thing humans crave the most is connection. Seeing similarities in others can make us feel less alone. No matter what our goals in this life may be, the main reason behind them will always be that we want to feel accepted, loved and more connected to the people we care about in our lives.

Meeting my best friend was probably one of the best things that ever happened to me. I stopped feeling so alone and he reminded me that I'm not. I saw myself in him and it felt like coming home. It felt like I belonged.

We don't agree on everything and certain things that he likes, I don't and vice versa, but there are so many similarities in our personalities.

The differences and similarities balance each other out. The different views he has about certain things is an opportunity for me to see another perspective. To learn something new.

This made me appreciate the differences between me and others more and it also prompted me to start seeing the similarities I have with my family.

I started noticing that I have my mom's sense of humour, my grandma's empathy for others and my grandpa's introverted nature. I am a combination of all of them. I no longer felt like an outsider in my family. I was part of them.

As humans, that feeling of being separated can make us feel depressed, anxious and unable to function the way we were meant to function. Only when I felt more connected, was when I felt less depressed.  

I felt like I could cope with everyday life better and the parts of me that was hidden came to light. Only other people can bring out the parts of us that we hide and that we're not even aware of. So yes! Connection is very important.

I know sometimes we want to shut the world out and be alone in our misery. Misery hates company. The weird thing is that people can actually lift your mood. It can be a close friend, a family member that understands you, even a complete stranger. 

Ever heard someone saying talking about it helps. It does! When a light shines on something that is dark, the darkness goes away. Keeping things bottled up makes them worse. 

Talking to someone is a way to release the bad feelings and because people have different perspectives about things, someone else's opinion or advice will help you see that something might not be as bad as it seems or they can help by sharing similar experiences and how they dealt with it. Just talking and them listening can also be effective. 

Writing about your feelings can also help. Alot of people use their blogs or social media as an outlet. My blog is a way for me to express myself in ways I couldn't before. I share so much on here for everyone to see. 

By sharing I found that some people actually feel the same way as I do or has gone through similar experiences. Sharing through my writing made me feel more connected to others.

I was always a very stubborn person. It's in my nature. Lately I'm trying to be more open minded. To see other people's perspective, because I know now that we all see this world differently. 

The things that happened in our lives shaped us and that's why everyone has a different perspective. That's why people like different things and have different opinions.

Sure similarities can make us feel understood and it's nice to not constantly explain yourself, but the differences are important too. I believe we came into this life to constantly learn and grow. 

The differences between us is a way for us to grow as people and to learn from each other. But some are too stubborn and not willing to accept another's view.

Almost everyone in my life is stubborn. I think that's why it was always so hard for me to feel understood. I was raised by a generation that lived in a world completely different from the world we live in today. They think their view is rule and someone else's view can't be accurate.  That was also my way of thinking. 

That way of thinking can lead to arguments. Wars get started that way. I now believe people should be more open minded. To consider that someone else's view might also be accurate. Yes, some views don't make logical sense, if you can't agree, respect them. We are after all a product of our experiences in this life. 

We can all learn from each other. Try to be more open minded. You never know what you might learn. Also try to find similarities in the people and things around you. It will make you feel like you're not on your own little island. Even though everyone is not the same, there are a lot of similarities between us.

Until next time

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Pic credit: Pixabay pics Renza edited.

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Nominations for the Versatile Blogger Award

My versatile blogger award - buffyandrenza.blogspot.com
My Versatile Blogger Award
Today I have some awesome news. The talented Susan Leighton nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. At first I thought it was a mistake, but after rubbing my eyes I saw that was definitely my name on her list. If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award. Thank you very much Susan for nominating me.

First of all congrats to Susan for her Versatile Blogger award/nomination. I actually wish I could nominate her back, because she is one of my favourite bloggers. She always supports other bloggers and has a kind heart. She's hilariously funny and I always make sure I don't eat anything when I see her latest post updates, otherwise I laugh too much and I'm afraid if I choke Buffy and Fluffy will just look at me funny instead of helping me out. Besides that, she also writes the most beautiful short stories on her off the ledge blog. Here are the links to her two blogs Woman on the ledge and Off the ledge. Make sure you check it out if you haven't already.

My blog is only three months old and it's such a nice feeling to be recognised for the work I've put into it. I might not have a lot of followers and I'm new to the blogging community, but along the way I met some awesome bloggers. This is my first blog award and I would not have lasted three months without the support of my human bestie, my furry bestie Buffy and my readers.  Thank you. I appreciate all the g+1, shares and comments.

I read the rules ( VBA rules - For Nominees) of this award and I'm suppose to list 7 facts about myself and nominate other bloggers for the award. The award says nominate people that blog about many things, I guess I do that too. But I think everyone blogs about different things, unless there's a blogger out there that just blogs about one thing, e.g. eggs or bread...If their blog survived then they are truly awesome.

I want to nominate the bloggers that I keep coming back to. They make me think about life, they make me laugh when I need a good laugh and some make me emotional when I feel a little shut down. Since I started blogging I had to dive into social media and I'm always on the lookout for other bloggers. So here we go...

Stuff about me

1. I'm an only child. Or did I tell you guys that already.

2. My first language is Afrikaans. Yep! Dankie al my lesers.

3. I have attached earlobes. My bestie says it freaks him out. I like my ears, I don't think its freaky at all. The only thing I find freaky about it is that both my parents and family members have detached lobes. Just my one cousin that I grew up with shares that trait with me...and nope she looks nothing like me either lol.

4. I'm a tv series addict and I spend a lot of time binge watching tv shows. I'm also a candy crush and paradise bay addict. I am a master procrastinator after all so don't judge.

5. I live with my grandparents and they also raised me. Grandma is 90 and grandpa is 93. After I stopped working two year ago I decided to stay home and look after them, while figuring out my life of course. They can do everything for themselves, but the hearing, sight and memory are not so sharp anymore.

6. Buffy was actually my nephew's dog, then he became the house pet. Last year after he was bitten I claimed him as my own. We were inseparable after that. Everyone then said I'm like his mommy and yes he's my furbaby. :-)

7. I love rock music. I like pop. I don't like Rnb and rap. Sorry bestie and other rap and Rnb lovers. I tried to listen to it and then my ears bled.

8. I hate eggs. No, I'm not allergic to them, I just hate them. Any egg haters out there? We can start a egg hating Google plus community ;-)

Oh, was I supposed to list 7 facts? I felt the egg thing was important to mention.

My nominations

1. Diane Lynn - The Gratitude Letters - http://www.thegratitudeletters.com - Diane has this beautiful nature about her and always seem to find the good in this mess we call life. She always reminds us to be better and do better. As someone that's on a self discovery journey, I find it good to have these reminders.

2. Saroja Vasanth - Magicmindzhttp://magicmindz.wordpress.com - I discovered Saroja's blog when she wrote a beautiful post about her dog Bruno. It made me so emotional and I thought about how much I love my dog Buffy. Not everyone gets it, but she does.

3. Gauthier Gaspard - http://www.gauthierlifestories.com - He was probably one of my first followers. He writes these interesting observations about people and I love reading his post because I'm also an observer of people and life in general. He has a happy go lucky attitude about life and he's a true optimist. I tend to be a glass half empty type of person sometimes and it's not natural for me to always be positive. I need to be reminded a lot. So it's nice to learn from a natural optimist like Gauthier.

4. Joana Salazar - My Gigantic Thought Bubble - http://mygiganticthoughtbubble.wordpress.com Joana is a poet. She writes the most beautiful poems or creative writings as she calls it and there's so much emotion behind the words. She has a gift of putting feelings into words.  I promised her I'll write a poem on my blog one day lol. Soon Joanna, soon.

5. Mike Senczyszak - Solsbury Hill - http://senczyszak.com - Mike created his own award called the Blogging Survivalist Award. You can basically just nominate yourself . I commented one day if I reach three months I might need to add that thing to my blog, because there's no way that someone will nominate me for an award. He said he will be looking out for my three month Blogging Survival Award post. I actually got a real one Mike and I'm  passing the torch on to you. Thanks for the laughs and inspiration. I might do the survivalist award post when I survive 6 months lol

6. Tim Clark - Life Explained - http://tim-thingsastheyare.blogspot.com- Tim has a lot of blogs. I'm still trying to read them all. Dr. Dawg read my horoscope last month and it was truly terrifying. Tim pulled some strings and I guess I'm not doomed any more. He is probably the King of versatility so he definitely deserves an award for that. Thanks for the laughs and explaining life stuff to me Tim.

7. Jesse Zahrt - Average Jester - http://averagejester.blogspot.com- Jesse also writes about a lot of things and contributes to Tim's life explained blog and the whacko blogs and the list goes on and on. I enjoy his family life posts. I did not have a traditional upbringing. So it's nice to see parents actually being there for their kids. Jesse and Sarah you're doing an awesome job raising your two beautiful daughters. They are lucky that both their parents are present in their lives.

8. Bradley Stoner - The Square Peg - http://sbradleystoner.blogspot.com - Bradley is really funny and I always get a good laugh reading about his Bob encounters. What is wrong with that Bob?

9. Captain Kirk - To Baldly Go - http://www.kirt.me.uk - The Captain draws his own pictures for his blog. Isn't that awesome! He is very creative and talented. He writes about life, his wife and kids. Plus he's a Doctor Who fan and I love Doctor Who. Maybe we'll see a Doctor Who drawing on his blog soon. hint hint.

That's it! I hope I didn't forget anyone. I'm sure I can add to the list later. I have puppy brains so I'm forgetful these days. That puppy is a weird one. Cute, but seriously weird.

Congrats to all of you! I truly love all your blogs and I'll keep coming back to them every time. I've been inspired by each and every one of you that I nominated. I know I'm new to the blogosphere and it probably seems like I just appeared out of the thin air. I've never even followed a blog before three months ago. I haven't found the right ones until now I guess. Thank you for the laughs, inspiration and support.

Until next time

Pic credit: I changed the original award pic a little and added some stuff. Hope the award people won't mind.

How To Make A Good First Impression When Meeting Other Dogs

How To Make A Good First Impression When Meeting Other Dogs

Woof! Hello guys! So you all already know I don’t have a good track record for making a good first impression when meeting other dogs, but I know what not to do so I might still be helpful. Here’s what I know…

  1. When seeing another doggie for the first time, don’t chase or try to play with them immediately. Big mistake you guys. You need to be polite and sniff a bum! It’s how doggies say “Hello”.  We can also determine the other dog’s age, if they're male or female and if the dog is healthy. Just by sniffing! The order you sniff in is also important. If you and the other dog sniff at the same time, you are equals. On the other hand if you sniff first or the other dog sniffs first, then the first sniffer will be the dominant one. So be fast and dominate!
dogs meeting
Two random doggies meeting
  1. Biting the other dog is a big No No. That’s just rude! Smell them, then maybe initiate a friendly game of chase or wrestle. Remember No teeth!
  1. Be well groomed and clean. This is more for the other dog’s human. They won’t let their dog play with a dirty dog. I know, I know, it’s not ideal. I also prefer to be dirty, but the humans are in charge. So let your human wash you.
  1. Share your stuff. It’s not nice to share things, but if you want to make friends you will need to learn to share toys and treats.
  1. Be social. Don’t hide behind your human. Go make some doggy friends. They speak your language and you can learn a thing or two from them. Hopefully you were not the last bum sniffer…Haha! Then you’re on your own.
meeting dogs
Example of dog getting annoyed with another dog. Grrr!!
I hope this was helpful guys. Doggies that make a bad first impression make humans scared and then they keep us away from other dogs. So stop messing it up for the rest of us. Grrrr!!... Woof!! Woof!!

Oh, I almost forgot you guys. We have a new member in our family. Mommy got her yesterday as a surprise early Xmas gift. Now there's two of us! Humans please don't give puppies or kittens as gifts, not everyone can handle the responsibility. Yep! Mommy is clueless. She knows nothing about puppies.

I did the bum sniffing thing and I'm starting to get used to Fluffy. Mommy washed both of us. It was no fun grrrr and she used my old towel for the thing...I mean puppy. Ok fine! I'll admit I have some puppy issues to work through. Wooooof!!!

Fluffy the new puppy

Buffy and Fluffy meeting
Me and Fluffy circling each other

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Pics credit: From pixabay free stock images and Renza added stuff. Fluffy and Buffy(me) pics taken by Renza with a bad phone camera.

What Is Beauty?

What Is Beauty?

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

We all have heard that saying and I bet most of us have no idea what it really means. In simple terms it means that one person might think something is beautiful and another will think the opposite. 

That will make no sense to some of us, because the media made us believe that beauty can only fit into one box. Honestly I had no idea what that saying meant, until I stopped seeing beauty as something the media portrayed and started seeing it as so much more.

For most of my life I believed that I was not beautiful. I had really bad skin, too skinny, too short and a weird personality. I think the main reason was because I look nothing like my family. The people that I’m closest to did not resemble me in any way.

No I’m not adopted or swapped at birth, well I hope not. I just came into this world different. The one that never fits in anywhere. It took me almost my whole life to realise that different can also be beautiful.

Once I started believing that I was not the lost ugly duckling, my outside reality changed. I got more compliments suddenly. I think it had to do with the fact that I felt more confident and people saw that.

So I guess confidence is also beautiful. I still hate taking pics of myself, but I’m a work in progress and as long as I’m still working on slaying my demons, then I know I’ll be fine.

There are so many things that make a person beautiful. Someone that’s brave, strong or selfless is beautiful. The person that always has kind words and a smile for others to brighten their day, is beautiful. 

Someone that’s smart, creative and uses their minds to make this world better, is beautiful. The ones that are different are the most beautiful, because most of them had to try to fit into a box that was not made for them. 

The list can go on and on, but of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we all see beauty differently. 

For those who keep comparing themselves to others…Stop! You are never going to be that person. Ever! God did not make a mistake when he created you. 

The things that you see as your imperfections can be beautiful to someone else. We all like different things. That’s a fact. The word ugly should not even exist. Erase it from your vocabulary.

Find the things that make you beautiful, while remembering beauty does not only exist on the outside but on the inside as well. 

Accept the things you see as imperfections as part of what makes you, you. They make you special and different. Different is beautiful. Who wants to be like everybody else anyway, right?

Only once you love yourself, then the words of others and their judgement won’t hurt you anymore. If someone insults you, then you can either choose to let it hurt you or you can say to yourself, “So what!, that is not the only thing that defines me. I have so many other amazing qualities”. 

Don’t be defined by one thing. You’re a combination of many wonderful things that make you unique and beautiful.

Reminding myself of the fact that I'm not just a face and a body, helped me see that beauty is so much more. I consist of so many different things.

I might not be perfect and that's ok. I no longer wish that I was someone else or think God made a mistake when he created me.

My hope for you, is to see your beauty and to be confident so that others can see it too. I hope that you can find beauty in this world in places where you never thought it would exist.

Lastly I hope that you will see the beauty in others by looking at everything they are and not just how they look on the outside.

Until next time

Pic credit: Pixabay pic Renza edited.

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The Horrors of Wash Day and 9 Tips to Get You Through It

The horrors of wash day and 9 tips to get you through it.

Woof! Hello guys! Today's topic is very serious. All over the world dogs and cats have to endure the dreaded wash day. I get chills just thinking about it. The humans love it when we’re clean so they can cuddle and pet us.

We are the closest thing to a living stuffed animal, so cuddles and cleanliness is expected. Our natural scent is then replaced by those awful smelling shampoos or whatever they use to wash us with.

Mommy Renza is tricky. She says nothing then pretends that she wants to play with me, the next thing I know I have a leash around my neck and into the bath I go. You would think this business will go quick, but it takes forever. I just have to sit there while being manhandled for hours. No fun! Grrr!!

Dog wash day
Example of a dirty doggy

Here's some tips to get you through wash day...
  • Your human is going to catch you eventually so you might as well turn yourself in. The sooner you do, the sooner the nightmare will be over.
  • Hiding is still an option. So if you decide to choose this route, you need to be fast and have a good hiding spot. Goodluck! If you're successful, then pets everywhere will know you as the one who dodged wash day. Hail to you, oh great one...
  • Renza gives me treats and talks to me while I'm being washed. It makes me feel better. Hopefully your human does the same and does not treat you like you're laundry.
  • Try sitting or standing still. The longer you fight it, the longer it will take.
  • Remember it's only water. It will not hurt you.
  • Try not to lick any part of you during or after the wash. I know it's tempting, please don't.
  • Shake it out. Make sure you're close to your human when you shake yourself out. Renza hates it when I shake and make her wet. That will teach her! Grrr!!
  • When you're finally dry and smell like yuk, try not to go roll in the sand. If you're dirty again, they will wash you again. No one likes repeats.
  • Now you're ready for cuddles. I know you love this part so don't deny it. 

dog shaking after wash day
Shake like this!
I know it's no fun guys, but if we want more cuddles then we need to be clean. Renza keeps outsmarting me, then I try to outsmart her again and it's a vicious cycle that never ends. So it's best to behave and get it over with.

I hope doggies and kitty cats everywhere will have a less stressful wash day. Hopefully no human will get hurt in the process. Grrr!!

For the humans, please be patient with your pets. Give them a little break during the wash process. Make sure you give them a yummy treat, pet them and talk to them to reassure them everything will be ok. 

Until next time
Woof!! Woooof!!

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Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Gift Ideas for the Holidays

The holidays are almost upon us and the people in our lives normally expect gifts. It's always hard to choose gifts, because there's so much to choose from. So I made a list of things that I think is cool and might be nice to give someone or myself. I have some affiliated links added in my list, but it's more about the idea.

I always try to give people thoughtful gifts. Well I love observing others so I normally buy what I think they need or what relates to the things they love doing. The gifts people give me are always girly gifts. 

Yes, I'm a girl and I love girly gifts but I'm also a techie, I love cooking and I make my own jewelry. It could be because I have a lot of pink stuff, but guess what? I don't like pink. Or maybe I subconsciously do. 

I once received a pink towel from a secret Santa and I bought the other person a really pretty jewelry box, that I wanted for myself. I wish sometimes I was my own secret Santa. Don't you? Let's just look at my gift list and put aside my pink issues and horrible secret Santa gifts for some other time.

Amazon Eco Dot

Amazon Eco Dot
Deliver your favourite playlist anywhere in your home with the Amazon Echo Dot voice-controlled device. Control most electric devices through voice activation, or schedule a ride with Uber and order a pizza. The Amazon Echo Dot voice-controlled device turns any home into a smart home with the Alexa app on a smartphone or tablet.

Panther Vision Powercap

Panther Vision Powercap
Light up your night time adventures with this Powercap LED beanie. Four LEDs provide 48 lumens to keep you safe after dark, while moisture-wicking fleece keeps you warm and dry. To turn the device on or off, simply press the button hidden in the band. Two lights on this Powercap LED beanie angle down for close-up focus.

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast
Google Chromecast: Enjoy a world of entertainment with Google Chromecast. Just connect to your HDTV's HDMI interface and your home Wi-Fi network to get started. You can stream your favorite apps from your compatible phone, tablet or laptop, plus use your phone as a remote to search, play and pause content.

Tile slim bluetooth tracker

Tile slim bluetooth tracker
Find your lost items anywhere with this Tile-Tile Slim tracking device. When you lose something out of Bluetooth range, every member of the Tile community who is running the app is searching for it too. With this Tile-Tile Slim tracking device, you can map your misplaced keys or receive notification that your lost wallet was found across town.

 Conair - True Glow Nail Care Center

Conair - True Glow Nail Care Center
Shape, smooth and polish your nails with this Conair True Glow NC01X nail care center that features a rechargeable nail tool and 12 attachments to suit a variety of needs. A manicure bowl lets you easily soften your cuticles and nails.

Nostalgia Electrics - Mini-Cupcake Maker

Nostalgia Electrics - Mini-Cupcake Maker - Pink
Nostalgia Electrics Mini-Cupcake Maker: Bake 4 mini-cupcakes at a time with this mini-cupcake maker that features a nonstick cooking surface for easy cleaning. A locking lid and handle offer portability, so you can enjoy quick treats at home. Nice for kids that can't use oven properly.

Homido - Virtual reality headset

Homido - Virtual reality headset
Use your smartphone to create a virtual reality experience with this Homido VR headset. A 100-degree field of vision delivers a fully immersive viewing experience, and the focus adjustment feature means you don't have to remove your glasses to enjoy your games or movies. Featuring an action button, this Homido VR headset works with virtual reality apps for easy operation.

Chefman - Express Air Fryer

Chefman - Express Air Fryer
Chefman Express Air Fryer: Quickly prepare fried favorites like shrimp and onion rings with this air fryer, which features adjustable temperature control and a 30-minute timer for flexible cooking. The dishwasher-safe basket makes clean-up quick and easy.

So there's my list. Sorry, but I just copied and pasted the descriptions of the products. There's probably other more expensive products out there with a different brand name and similar functions.

I know you saw pink again, I'm not sure how that got in there. I love long nails and nail art. I can't help it if that nail thing is pink. I think this should be called the list of gifts I would buy myself if I was my own secret Santa. Everyone else can get a gift card.

Happy holidays everyone from Buffy and Renza! Be safe if you're going away for the holidays and I hope you have an awesome time. Until next time...

The 5 Love Languages

The 5 love languages - buffyandrenza.blogspot.com

I know what you're thinking? Not another love post. I can see my bestie rolling his eyes right now. Well he just left for a fishing trip with no cell service so there will be no eye rolling. Miss him already...

I'm no expert on the love topic, but I love researching things and finding out how things work. So of course when I wanted to know all about love, I came across the 5 love languages.

Yes! There's five of them and we all have a primary and secondary one. So what are they?

1. Acts of service - Actions speaks louder than words.
2. Receiving gifts - It does not mean that this person is materialistic. They love thoughtful gifts that they can treasure.
3. Words of affirmation - Being complimented, hearing words like "I miss you" and being praised for something they did.
4. Physical touch -  Giving hugs etc.
5. Quality time - Making time for someone and giving them your undivided attention.

Your love language is how you show love and how you expect others to show you love, even if you're not aware of it. Most are not.

Just by looking at that list I knew acts of service was my primary and words of affirmation was my secondary love language. I took the love language test a year ago and it was confirmed.

I always felt awkward when people gave me gifts, hugged me or if they were always in my space. I love doing things for the people in my life and complimenting them.

So to my surprise, something changed. I took the test again yesterday, after a year has passed or maybe longer. Then the results showed that quality time was my primary love language and I scored equal on words of affirmation and acts of service.

I just stared at the results and thought no way. Introvert over here! Then I looked back at the past year and realised it's actually true.

Since I gave up my job I've had more time for the people in my life. Before, long conversations and spending time with my family was a no no. I was always working, tired and in a permanent bad mood.

I've grown a lot closer to my family and I actually love spending quality time with them. So I think these love language can shift, depending on the changes you go through in your life. For example a new mom will suddenly have an acts of service primary love language because she is overwhelmed.

People speak different love languages and there can sometimes be a huge communication gap. I know who the gift givers and the huggers are in my life and because it's awkward for me, I don't hug them randomly or give them stuff.

 They're probably thinking I don't care about them as much. My compliments and doing things for them are seen as just random things I do. Oh and not forgetting the quality time thing, that I'm still trying to process...

It can be really difficult to speak someone else's love language, if it's something different to your own. Imagine how that conversation will go down with a family member if I tell them doing things for me and complimenting me is my love languages. They will think I drank crazy juice.

It's my thing and not theirs.  It's hard for someone to grasp and to suddenly fall in line and speak your language.

In romantic relationships it might be easier to let your significant other know this is how they should show you love and you need to know how to love them. It's easier because there's more at stake and romantic love forms a bond that's like a drug and we'll do anything to keep it, so we'll fall in line.

You can even guess what someone in your life's love language is, by looking at what they do the most, what they complain that you don't do enough of or what they keep requesting you to do.

It will sound like, "You never buy me anything nice", or "Why don't you ever help me around the house"  or "You're always working". Yes! They're crying out loud for you to show them love and it just sounds like they are complaining.

If you can't tell what your primary love language is just by looking at the list above, then you can take the test at the Love language quiz website. Gary Chapman wrote the book. Yep! There's a book or books. Here's the book link.

Remember just because someone prefers one language over the others does not mean you don't have to show love with the other four. It just means the primary one will be used a lot more than the others.

I hope you will apply these love languages to your relationships. I'm definitely going to try my best even if it's a bit awkward for me. It seems like common knowledge, but it's tricky because we all prefer different things.

Remember this applies to all your relationships. That includes relationships with your children, other family members, friends and your significant other. It will make your relationships with the people in your life stronger. You'll feel much closer to them and understand each other better.

The bonds with the people in our lives are important. We should not take them for granted. No man is an island. We need others to help us through this life.

It is also important that you know how you are meant to be loved, some of us don't even know. We love and we give and give and we wonder why they don't love us back, but they just show it in their own way. So keep your eyes and ears open.

Until next time,

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7 Survival Tips When Your Human Is Cookoo

7 Survival Tips When Your Human Is Cookoo

Woof! Hello guys! So mommy Renza finally caved thanks to all the humans that liked my last post (Writers block) about the topics I wanted to write about. Thank you guys for convincing her. Woof!

It’s hard being a dog or a cat in today’s world. Mostly because it's run by humans or at least they think they run the world hmm…To survive you need some special skills, especially those pets that have a crazy human.

I’m so sorry you guys, I feel your annoyance for them. I love my Renza, but sometimes...Grrr!! No!! We need to stay strong. Here are some tips to survive when your human is cookoo.
1. Ignore - When they start with the crazy talk, just look in another direction. Don’t make eye contact! Their feelings will be hurt, but they need to learn you are not a baby. 

Buffy pretending to sleep
Me pretending to sleep

2. Garbage bin raid - This is when they throw away those delicious scraps like yummy bones that we’re not suppose to eat, because apparently a dog with a bone saying is total nonsense.

You either need to wait until they're distracted or pretend that you’re sleeping so that they don’t pay much attention to you, then go on a garbage bin raid. The garbage will be in the kitchen until the end of the day.

Once they take the garbage out to the big bin outside, then you will have to wait until the next day. So make it count! Be very quiet. It’s all about stealth here. Get the bone or whatever scraps you find in the bin and get out!

3. Hiding -  Be good at hiding. Go under the human’s car or bed. It will be hard for them to get you out of there. One more thing you guys, please don’t fall for the food trick. That's when they bribe you with food so that you can come out of your hiding spot. I fell for that one in the beginning. Never again! Grrr!

4. Toy hostage exchange - If your human hides your toys, then as soon as they take the toys out again, go and hide them in a safe place. It’s yours, not theirs. Treat it like a hostage exchange. You do something for them, if they do something for you.

First make sure they take the toy out of its hiding spot. A good way to get them to take the toys out, is for you to start chewing on random things around the house. That way they’ll give you your toys back and in return you don’t destroy their stuff.
5. Staring at the human and being cute - If you want to get away with what they call 'bad behaviour', you need to be super cute. Go rub against them and lick them. Stare into their eyes if you must. I find staring into Renza’s eyes super effective. Apparently these humans become suckers when we stare at them.
6. Speed - You need to be very fast. Make sure you practice everyday to improve your agility. Chase birds or whatever is smaller than you. It will keep you fit and you’ll be fast enough to escape if the human wants to wash or groom you.  Speed is also important when you raid the bins and when you need to keep them from taking your stuff. I’m faster then mommy. It's really funny how she can’t catch me.
7. Learn their language - It's important to understand what your human is saying. When I hear the words water, leash, shampoo, wash and brush then I go hide. Renza whispers, but I have superior hearing. So keep your ears open!
So I hope these survival tips are helpful. All pets need to stick together. These humans are easy to control, so don't forget how powerful you are. 

They call this pet thing domestication. They have no idea we brain-washed them into giving us free food and shelter.  Mommy Renza is on to me you guys. She says I’m a mind reader and I make her act crazy. I just stare into her eyes, and then she forgets.

Woof!! Woof!!

Author: Buffy
Job: Guard dog, part-time blogger
Likes: Playing and hanging out with Renza, eating and sleeping
Dislikes: Grooming and visitors with long coats

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10 reasons why getting older is not so bad

10 reasons why getting older is not so bad

Today I’m another year older. I’ve always hated birthdays. Please don’t ask me how old I am. Luckily I look like a teenager and some people still ask me “How’s school”. Lol. Yep. I’m not kidding. So even if my age does not show, I still hate getting older. 

So before I start falling into a negative spiral (that’s when something you perceive as negative grows into a big negativity monster that’s hard to kill and its all downhill from there), I decided to think about some positive things about getting older. This practice of listing positive things about a perceived negative situation will help a lot to put things in perspective. So here’s my list!

1.  I’m wiser – Getting older and becoming wiser goes hand in hand. My younger self was clueless about how life works and made so many mistakes.
2. I’m happier – I’m happier than I was, because I took control of my happiness and my life. Before I just felt powerless. Now I know not to just accept things the way they are.

3. I’m not so shy anymore – As I got older, I grew less shy. I became more outspoken, confident and my low self esteem issues are non existent. Not sure what happened, but I’m not complaining. Good riddance!

4. I’m funnier – I’ve always had a wild imagination. Well that’s what happens if you’re an introvert and in your head a lot. With that came a crazy sense of humour, that unfortunately could not surface because of my shyness. People in my life tell me I’m silly.  I’m just happy that part of me surfaced, because my whole life I felt it screaming to get out. I also learnt to laugh at myself and life. Some things aren’t so bad when you look at them as funny.

5. I’m smarter – Not that I was never smart. I’ve always excelled at academics. Yes, I can say that, because I worked hard at it. The reason why I say I’m smarter is because I make a point of learning something new every day. Younger me placed herself into a box and did not question everything. Older me questions everything and I’m constantly learning. Knowledge is power. I think everyone should go through this life like that. To be curious and gain as much knowledge as they can about everything. It also helps the brain to stay active.

6. I’m more responsible and less stressed – I make more responsible decisions in my life and I see the bigger picture. I plan ahead and that way I feel more in control. I'm less stressed and I don't get sick at all any more. My younger self was constantly stressed over things she had no control over and was clueless about how to deal with it. My stress lead to a lot of health issues. So less stress equals a healthier older me. 

7. I’m more compassionate and empathetic – I’ve experienced a lot of pain in my life, but the upside of that is that I feel more compassion and empathy towards others. I just want to build others up when their down, because I needed that a lot in my life.  

8. I found my life’s purpose – I think a small part of me always knew that inspiring and motivating others is my life’s purpose. Why else would God give me so much to overcome? My younger self could never imagine or attempt to inspire. My older self knows that’s what I was meant to do.

9. I’m more comfortable in my own skin – I stopped wondering what others thought of me. My younger self was obsessed with what people thought of her and if they would accept her. It was exhausting! Let them talk if they want. I laugh at my awful fashion sense and my equally awful hairstyles that just don’t want to fall in place. Also I hate wearing makeup. It’s way too much effort. Oh is that the reason why I’m still single, lol. Uhm...I love my plain look! It’s their problem, not mine. Beauty fades. I want someone to like me for my personality, not my looks.

10. I know what I want – You can only know what you want once you know what you don’t want. Getting older and gaining more life experience is the only way to find out what you don’t want and what you do want. My younger self always felt lost and stumbled through life.

So there’s my list. I actually feel much better about getting older now. It’s not so bad after all. So for those who hate getting older, make your own list or borrow from mine. I’m sure most of you can relate to the points I made. You can share what else you think is positive about getting older. I’ll appreciate your thoughts. Until next time, Goodbye. 

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